“Choosing PX Lighting means benefiting from complementary services throughout your project. We are present at your side, from design to after-sales.”

Specializing in LED technology and linear lighting, Px Lighting strives to provide professional LED lighting solutions to meet the demand of high-end architectural lighting projects worldwide. PX Lighting is your single point of contact for the marketing in France of KKDC, ALTO LIGHTING and ACCLAIM products, thus allowing you to benefit from the best commercial conditions.


Skills Domains

Technical studies office

PX Lighting is at your disposal and supports you throughout your project. For this, technical assistance is available to answer your questions during the prescription of the products until the installation of your installation. We can advise you to optimize the wiring of your installations by offering you configurations that integrate the best solution for your project.

Cutting workshop + Special manufacturing

For your projects requiring hardware programming, for example for a dynamic lighting effect. We offer two types of services:

  • factory programming according to your specifications with a pre-established scenario.
  • On-site programming, with the intervention of our technician to set up the desired light effects on more complex projects
Follow-up of the project from study to completion

Whether it is to replace an existing product with fixed ribs such as a recessed floor that you want to replace without having to change the recessed pot, or one of our products with several years of operation that you want to upgrade with the latest generation components. We can offer you economical solutions to refurbish your installation.

Tools at your disposal (3D printers, etc.)

To validate the solutions proposed according to your specifications, we propose to send you the results of the 3D simulations. We thus ensure the good rendering and validate the luminous e!ect together.